CARLOS BARRANTES photographic workshop

historical and alternative processes

traditional black & white

digital impression

-In 1993, Carlos Barrantes sets up his own non-industrial photographic workshop. First specialized in Platinotype and other historical and alternative photo-chemical processes, he has added to it the digital Giclée/Digigraphie pigment process in b/w and colour. His workshop being first located in Palma de Majorca (Spain), in 2006 he moves it to Saint-Estève (near Perpignan) in the south of France.

In his laboratory Carlos Barrantes prints on gelatin-silver papers (FB paper) but he also focuses his work and research on:

-Historical and alternative photo-chemical processes (platinotype, carbon, cyanotype, salted paper, albumen paper, gum dichromate, Vandyke and Polaroid colour transfers) using home-made photographic emulsions.

-Digital pigment process (Giclée/Digigraphie) Inkjet impressions performed with MicroPiezo Print head technology and UltraChrome K3 pigments.

-All the processes are printed on fine art papers (Arches, Hahnemühle, Epson, among others).

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